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CampusCare™ offers the protection you need while studying in Canada or abroad.

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Your emergency medical insurance plan covers unexpected medical emergencies, including hospital visits, ambulance fees, trauma counselling, pregnancy support, physician fees, lab test, x-rays, and up to a 30-day supply of prescription drugs.

For more information and a complete list of coverage you can refer to your policy booklet provided in your welcome package or click here.

24/7 assistance

If you experience a medical emergency, contact our 24/7 Assistance Centre as soon as possible. Our multi-language healthcare professionals will help to determine the best course of action, coordinate with the medical facility, and in some cases arrange for direct billing.

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Toll Free (Canada & United States): 1-866-595-7171

Collect (Elsewhere): 1-519-251-5178

After the incident, you must file a claim. For help on how to make a claim, or if you have any questions about your claim, please call:

Toll Free (Canada & United States): 1-866-595-7172

Collect (Elsewhere): 1-519-251-5177

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If you need further assistance or have any questions, email us at:
[email protected].